MODEL 800 - Ionized Magnesium Hydrogen Water Filter Refill Capsules


X3 Magnesium Elements Stick Capsules
X1 Chlorine Remove Elements Shell Capsule

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Product Description

The AVAVA filtration system involves an integration of multiple patented applications that requires no electricity or any complicated plumbing.

The system is formulated with special elements in a compact 6-step integrated process to comprehensively filter away impurities and contaminants to enhance the quality of ordinary tap water. AVAVA* creative filter design has two coupling cores in the inner compartment. In a biochemical water purification process, it is necessary to supplement a variety of minerals and trace elements to replenish and enhance the mineral elements in the water.
The patented stick capsule forms the third, fourth, and sixth elements which contain Ionized Magnesium Elements. After the water is filtered, it will go through the stick capsule which helps to soften the water flow and dynamically sucked the Ionized Magnesium Elements in the capsule.

In the filter system bucket sits the 5th patented Chlorine Shell Capsule (to filter away the Chlorine) as well as the 6th stick capsule. Together, these continue the Bernoulli’s principle process from the 3rd and 4th to continuously guide the water through the 5th and 6th capsules to dynamically sucked the Ionized Magnesium Elements. It then infuses the filtered water and subsequently transforms the water to become Ionized Magnesium Hydrogen Water which has a pH 7.6 to 9 and ORP -50 to -150 (ppb +/- 500) and dispersed through the faucet nozzle made of 304 stainless steel fitting for consumption.

The capsule stick materials are of FDA-certified food-grade plastic materials and BPA Free which are safe, reliable, neat, and durable.

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