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Basic Filtration System

AVAVA 6-Step filtration process involves the integration of multiple patented applications.

Disruptor Purified Water (Model-201)

  • US-made Space-Age nonwoven media materiel (NSF 42) (AVD-101).
  • Superior quality material that is safe and reliable.
  • Filters 99.99% of micro-organisms.
  • Dual Filtration has active carbon to remove odour and improves the taste of water.

Ceramic Purified Water (Model-301)

  • Food-grade porcelain material (AVC-103).
  • Remove harmful chemicals, bacteria, and viruses.
  • High-Quality Iodine Absorption Activated Carbon to remove odour and improves the taste of water.
  • OPTIONAL to Purchase Filter Capsules for Alkaline Ion Elements (Model-803) OR Ion Magnesium Elements (Model-800).
  • Has 6 sizes of connectors accommodating any filter cylinder.
  • BPA Free and 304 stainless steel fittings.
  • Safe, reliable, neat, and durable.
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