Other Accessories

Other Accessories

Universal Adaptor Sizes available: 

     A (Outside Thread)                          B (Inside Thread)  

A1 - AP921 (M22 to M22)              B1 - AP922 (M24 to M22) 
A2 - AP923 (M21 to M22)              B2 - AP924 (M21 to M22) 
A3 - AP925 (M20 to M22)              B3 - AP926 (M20 to M22)
A4 - AP927 (M19 to M22)              B4 - AP928 (M19 to M22)
A5 - AP929 (M18 to M22)              B5 - AP930 (M18 to M22)
A6 - AP931 (M16 to M22)              B6 - AP932 (M16 to M22)

HOSE -  Size: 10mm x 1100/2000mm

2 Way Valve & Adaptor

Filter O-Ring & Base Washer


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