PMODEL 600 - Integrated Disruptor Water Filtration System


  • X1 Model 600 Filtration System
  • X1 Dual Layer Disruptor Filter  (Model AVD-101)
  • X6 Individual Connectors of various gauge sizes and accessories
  • X1 2-way valve 22M (FEMALE)
  • X1 22M x 24M (MALE) Adaptor
  • X1 1.1m Hose and Housing Opener

Faucet Size:

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  • 250 char. max
  • Pearl White
  • Pearl Graphite
  • Pearl Champange
  • Cherry
  • Metalic Blue
  • Metalic Gray
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  • Basic Installation ($80)
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Product Description

The AVAVA filtration system involves an integration of multiple patent applications,
making it the first and only model that requires no electricity or any complicated plumbing.

This integrated filtration and purifying equipment are formulated with special elements in a compact 6-step integrated process to comprehensively filter away impurities and contaminants to dispense Nutrients water.

The AVAVA Disruptor Filtration System comes with a patented US-made space-age water purification material that can filter 99.99% of microorganisms (bacteria and viruses) in water. The technology enables a nonwoven media to have filtration efficiency comparable to nanofiltration membranes, but at very low pressure drops with high flow rates and high loading capacity; making it a recognized superior quality material that is safe and reliable.
(AVAVA Disruptor filter raw materials are certified with NSF 42)

AVAVA Dual Disruptor with Carbon filter layers effectively eliminates dirt, heavy metals, chemicals, and a variety of harmful pathogenic bacteria. These remove odour in tap water as well, thereby improving the taste of the water. The filtered water tastes good and offers peace of mind.

AVAVA* creative filter design has two coupling cores in the inner compartment, whereby it helps to complement the purifying of the biological reactivating process of the nutrients which is OPTIONAL. You can purchase the nutrients cartridge Model 800 or 803 separately.

The body and all accessories of the AVAVA system are materials made of FDA-certified food-grade plastic materials and SUS 304 stainless steel fittings. They are safe, reliable, neat and durable.

The filter can be easily dismantled and reassembled, convenient for use and easy to install. The Filter is durable enough to withstand at least a couple of maintenance cleaning thereby saving the need to discard or replace often.

The Dual-Action Water Filtration Cylinder has a lifespan of up to 5000 litres of water or replaces every 6-12 months depending on the water quality and the environment in a different region.

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